Aquagold – New Amazing Treatment

A Wrinkle in Time is excited to introduce the latest in micro-needling collagen induction treatments:  Aquagold!

AquaGold is a superficial micro-needling procedure that deposits nutrients like hyaluronic acid and BOTOX or Jeuveau, along with antioxidants like Vitamin C or Glutathione, etc. 

The needling stimulates collagen synthesis to improve the surface of the skin over time, while the nutrients go to work smoothing the quality of and brightening the skin and diminishing the appearance of pore size. Improvements are visible within 3-7 days and lasts months.  

And the best part is this technique produces a natural appearing outcome, without any of the tell-tale signs of being injected.  

For a limited time experience this amazing innovation for $700.

A Wrinkle in Time is thrilled to announce the addition of the latest generation of IPL and LASER technology, the Cynosure ICON. This device enables us to offer the most advanced photo rejuvenation, nonablative skin resurfacing, and IPL permanent hair reduction services.
Enjoy glowing, radiant skin with the following special promotions this fall:
1. Iconic Three-for-me Skin Revitalization: combining Photofacial to clear brown spots and reduce redness, with non-ablative duo modality skin resurfacing to smooth skin texture as well as soften more deeply etched wrinkles.
Introductory special price of $700
2. Body Skin Rejuvenation: treat brown sun damage and smooth skin on the neck, decollete, legs, arms, and hands.  Save 20%
3. IPL Permanent Hair Removal  Save 25%

Want to learn more about the latest BOTOX competitor called Jeuveau?  I have been using this product for over a year now and, in my experience, it engages quickly and my etched lines seem to stay looking softer longer after it has worn off.  Want to learn more?
Click on this link: Visit the official website!
For a limited time enjoy $11/unit pricing AND $40 off with minimum purchase.


Rejuvenation Duo
A Wrinkle in Time’s Skin Rejuvenation Duo: combining Photofacial to clear brown spots and reduce redness, followed 2 weeks later with a Microdermabrasion OR Dermaplane with gentle lactic peel to polish the skin.
Only $450 (a savings of $135)